Drink Genie Yellow Glow


With its SPACE AGE DESIGN, UNLIMITED APPLICATIONS, and PORTABILITY, Drink Genie does more than all your other drink holders and cup holders put together! Drink Genie makes a great Christmas Gift.



  • What is it?: The Drink Genie is the latest and greatest drink holder! Complete with Retractable Legs, it’s portable and easy to stick in the ground!
  • Features: Gimbals, Non Corrosive, ABS Plastic, 8550610001, Adjustable, Portable
  • Where to Use It?: Golfing, Bike, Boats, Wheelchairs, Medical Accessories, At the Ballpark, At a Stadium
  • What Can It Hold?: Coffee Cups, Wine Bottles, Glasses, Plastic Cups – possibilities are endless!


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